"Beautifully done. No wonder Chey is winning awards. It is terrific!"
  - Ted Baehr, MovieGuide, Christian Film and Television Commission, on Impact

"This is the most thought-provoking film I've ever seen."
  - Edwin Carpenter, Dove Foundation, on The Genius Club (awarded Dove Seal)

"Congratulations! It encourages me to know there are Christians in the vineyard with such high standards of quality."
  - Philip Yancy, Best-selling author

"Really camera shots...incredible ending."
  - Kate Skarich, Catalytic Associate Director, Campus Crusade for Christ, on Gone

"GREAT, GREAT, GREAT movie. The special effects were better than I was expecting (and I had high expectations from the trailer). I liked the plot, the acting was very good and it really left me wanting more. Great ending too.
  - ChristianBeats News

"Gone is a beautiful, yet dark and enigmatic portrayal of questions that are ignored in today's cultural landscape."
  - Lewis Yu, Team Leader, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

"This film is fast-paced and has a cutting edge style. The movie reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock film- especially the twist ending, which is my favorite part of the movie. Chey does an excellent job at foreshadowing the storyline through symbols. He cleverly disguises clues within the movie."
  - Atlanta Christian Weekly on Gone

"A soul-gripping work...the conversion stories are unforgettable."
  - Real Talk, AM 710

"A beautiful film..."
  - The Joe Scarborough Show, MSNBC

"Screenwriter and director Tim Chey should get more credit for stepping out and making a statement that we dare say many Americans will agree with."
  - Southern Vanity Magazine

"The Genius Club is surprisingly poignant in its discussion of the trappings of modern American society...and unlike most of the garbage flooding the Cineplex of late, "Genius" actually has something significant to say. It has a point."
  - Daily Trojan

"4 stars...It is a realistic and good story and we highly recommend it and are pleased to award our Dove "Family-Approved" Seal to the movie."
  - Dove Foundation on 'Live Fast, Die Young'

"Great reaction, the audience was really in suspense throughout the whole thing. The part where there is the debate about God and Christianity is excellent. It is fast but the logic and reasoning in the script is what one would learn in an apologetics class in Bible college."
  - Pastor Friedlander, Montreal Church

" impassioned defense of God in a world gone mad."
  - Variety on The Genius Club

"The movie was well written and thought provoking in its contents. It raises disturbing questions that affect all of our lives in today's world, but also effectively answers some of these disturbing questions, leaving the audience to ponder and determine the Truth in the answers."
  - BourkeBirds (Yahoo Movies)

"This is a powerful film that plays games with your mind like no other movie I have seen?.Let's not forget to give credit to Writer/Director,Timothy A. Chey for making a film that is both smart and gripping, this is one movie that is not to be missed."
  - Video Views

"The Genius Club could be a life changing experience for a lot of people, and the end message is worthy of our time. I have decided not to spoil it for our readers. The answer to the bomb, and the encouragement this DVD gives makes it a worthy purchase. I am encouraging a lot of friends and family to watch this movie as soon as earthly possible. I would love to see a sequel to this DVD, especially if the level of quality is the same or even better. I hope you enjoy this DVD as much as I did."
  - Family Friendly Entertainment

"The filmmaking is intriguing, using old news clips to acknowledge the fear of terrorism that is a part of daily living and punctuating a sense of hopelessness with subdued, sepia-toned lighting in a bare, cement basement-like room."
  - New Christian Voices

"The premise of this film is brilliant, and it's plot is filled with endless possibilities. The fate of the nation rests on the seven genius's ability to solve riddles, answer questions, and debate everything from conspiracy theories, cancer, capitalism, and even the high cost of gasoline. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide any solid answers, only exposes the many flawed holes in our government, society, and human nature. Basically, it leaves you with the single fact that there ARE no answers."
  - One Way Films

"I have to start off by saying that this year's lock-in would not have been near the success if it wasn't for the movie "The Genius Club". It set the tone for our whole evening. It intrigued our students, and really got them thinking. It also laid the foundational ground for the rest of the evening. After the movie, we broke the group up into 4 teams, and called them the Unintelligent Clubs. The kids got a kick out of it. I give the movie an A. It is filled with drama, and left us on the edge of our seats. It contains twist and turns, and leaves you with a unexpected ending. The movie for the most part is family friendly, and very interesting."
  - Justin's Refuge

"A stirring portrayal of a life surrendered to Christ."
  - Judah Marx, Gospel Mission

"No false drama, no raw humor, just a straightforward, emotional message that will make you think. Fantastic movie, fantastic cast!"
  - Scott Spraul

"Excellent evangelical film!"
  - Bill Nance, WFCJ Radio

"This film lives up to its title and leaves the viewer reflecting on the 'point of life' and how faith fits in and provides perspective and hope."
  - Pastor Roger Bosch, Lake Avenue Church

"Powerful Christian film!"
  - Pastor David Cuff, Calvary Chapel


Produced by: Arch Bonnema & Daishi Takiishi